Help to lobby for the sensible use of scarce resources, to deliver a tourism and leisure infrastructure that will continue to repay any investment long into the future.


Much of the so-called "planning" that applies to tourism capital spending is ill-advised and provides a dubious return on investment. For once in our history however we have a chance to deliver a sustainable network of pathways on existing publicly-owned rights of way at low cost, creating a network that will last for ever and bring repeat tourist numbers to enjoy our country. Let us ensure that this opportnity is not lost by bad decisions, or by half-considered solutions.

We have the routes, we have tens of thousands of unemployed construction workers and all the idle machinery anyone could wish for, and we have access to matching EU structural funding that can pay half the cost of this project. We have a national Lottery funding stream, transport funding surplusses in areas like taxi regulation, and existing budgets within local authorities for walking initiatives. All that is needed is cross-department co-operation to make it happen.

For "cross-department co-operation", you can substitute "political will." Whether this project gets off the ground will depend on it being championed by a number of ministers in government. You can help this process on by contacting your TD or your local Minister, and asking them to support the development of an overall strategy for walking and cycling tourism on the lines set out in this website. The contact details (including email addreses) for all Irish politicians can be found here....   

 If this plan is adopted and executed, we (you and I, and generations to come) will own a network of cycle and walking paths that will allow anyone to set off on a walking or cycling trip of a day's duration or a week's vacation, and that resource will be there for ever, to be enjoyed by generations of people. It will continue to bring employment to towns and villages all around the Region, and to keep leisure spending at home. Do your bit; email one politician with a link to this site today -- it will only take a minute.

You are just a click away from doing your bit; go [HERE] and send an email to your local representative.