This is the website that deals with the work of John Mulligan, Irish author, human rights campaigner and hiking enthusiast. For the moment, most of this site is being used as a tool to assist in lobbying for a rational and sustainable approach to cycling and walking tourism in Ireland, in order to highlight the defecit in related infrastructure and to propose sensible and workable solutions that will turn Ireland into a destination of choice for cyclists and long-distance walkers
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Cycling & Long-distance walking in Ireland
-Developing a national strategy for "Greenways"
The recent well-publicised success of the wonderful Greenway in Mayo, along the trackbed of the old railway from Newport to Achill, has focussed attention on the potential of cycleways and long-distance walking routes for boosting national and foreign tourist numbers. The Greenway is a wonderful resource, and reflects great credit on Mayo County Council and in particular on its Walks Officer. Developing this resource was a leap of faith, and it is paying off handsomely for the area with a huge increase in toursit numbers and a spin-off benefit for lots of local businesses.
There is a temptation to assume that this is a transferrable model that can be replicated anywhere, and to some extent that is true. However, caution neeeds to be exercised and a deep breath taken before embarking on another such project in the same area. There is now a focus on the disused railway line from Tuam to Collooney, and there is fairly general agreement that it would make a wonderful traffic-free cycleway and walkway that would repay investment in a short period in the same way as it's older brother in Newport.
However! Having two point-to-point Greenway facilities in Mayo would undoubtedly add to the area's attraction and would increase visitor numbers or encourage existing visitors to stay longer, but the two trails would also compete with each other for visitor numbers. What is now needed, rather than rushing ahead with a duplicate facility, is to develop further greenways but only as part of an overall strategy for cycle and walking trails.
Cyclists and long-distance walkers will come to Ireland, and Irish people will stay at home for such holidays, if the following are available:
  • -A network of marked routes, traffic free where possible or low-traffic elsewhere, that will link major centres on waymarked ways.
  • -Access from airports and ports to such a network.
  • -Sufficient mileage of trails to provide for up to two week's cycling or walking.
  • -Attractive scenery and places of interest along the trail.
  • -Co-ordinated information on routes, accommodation and facilities that is maintained and up-to-date.


Rather than consider the development of further greenway routes in isolation, a small amount of additional planning could create one of the best cycling/walking networks in Europe, at very little extra cost. Find out more here... 

We have one chance to get this right; let's not blow it because of short-sighted vested interests or political gamesmanship. We have a wonderful country; it's just not accessible to walkers or cyclists. We need to change that, and this is how we can do it.

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